Happy New Year!


I wish you a happy sheep year!!

2015 is the Year of the Green Wooden Sheep. (Hitsujidoshi – 未年)

Here are the new dates for nihonga workshops at the gates of Paris


Janvier: 17/18/19/20

Février: 14/15

Mars: 14/15

Avril: 11/12/13/14

Mai: 16/17

juin: 6/7

Détails:  www.pigmentsetartsdumonde.com




Nihonga Classes in Kochi Prefecture // 高新文化教室 日本画講座

Artemis, Araki Yoichi.

Try Japanese Painting (Nihonga) in Kochi with artist and Nihonga instructor, Araki Yoichi.

Beginners and Experienced Students are welcome to join.
Every Tuesday, 13:00 – 15:00, 24 000Yen, 6month course (20 – 22 lessons)
Koshin Bunka Kyoshitsu

Please bring H,2B and HB pencils, eraser, sketchbook and colour pencils for beginner students.
Experienced students may bring pigments and materials for Nihonga painting.

Foundation Course for Beginners:

Kochi City Culture Plaza
Every Saturday Afternoon, for 8 lessons, 4000 Yen (plus additional 2000Yen for basic materials)

For more details, please email Araki Yoichi at: nihonga [at] live.com


・高新文化教室 日本画講座(Koshin Bunka Kyoshitsu) http://www.kochi-sk.co.jp/bunka/

・2011年秋の市民学校、基礎の日本画講座 http://www.bunkaplaza.or.jp/jishu/11/shimingakkou/1102.html