Kaori Watanabe: Preparing for the trials of adulthood | The Japan Times Online

Kaori Watanabe: Preparing for the trials of adulthood | The Japan Times Online.


Nihonga course for childs 28 december

For 10/15 aged:

Training course with an exhibition.

Discover the Japanese culture through the painting of a motive in Japanese traditional painting

The participants will learn in prepare pigments, degrade a bottom.

Transfer the drawing , play with water and pigments

On Wednesday, December 28th

cost: 38 euro

From 2 pm till 5:20 pm

Louis Morard Street Paris XIV Reservations: 0609390742



Nihonga or literally ” Japanese Painting ” is a term used to describe painted works which were realized in accordance with the Japanese traditional artistic conventions. Nihonga, originally imported by China, developed as a shape of painting with styles and techniques essentially appropriate for Japan.

In Nihonga, we use some Japanese paper in the long fibers, some animal nikawa ) glue and pigments with lands, with vegetables, with minerals, or with shells.

Mica powders or crystal, metallic sheets also give to the works an aspect where the matt effect plays with the sparklings.
We use traditional brushes (fude ) handles of which are in bamboo and in hairs of animals such as the sheep, goat, the racoon, the squirrel, the deer, the weasel, or still the horse.

The teacher:
Valérie Eguchi is French, married with a Japanese for 20 years.
Painter trained to the traditional techniques of the ornamental paint in 1987, she travelled repeatedly in Japan, where she discovered the practice of the Japanese painting Nihonga in 2007.
After 3 years of studies and practice, fascinated by this mode of expression, she transmits her discoveries by initiations and demonstrations.