Nihonga classes in Paris France

Enjoy Japanese traditional painting during my next work shops :


aout 6/7/8/9

Septembre 10/11

Octobre: 8/9

Novembre 12/13

Décembre 10/11


Janvier 7/8

Février 18/19

Mars 11/12

Avril 29/30

Mai 13/14

Juin 10/11


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Japanese painting (nihonga) classes in Paris

Learn nihonga with Valérie Eguchi

With Nihonga, I suggest discovering the feel of the material, and the play of the shines and matte effects due to the brightness of the crystals in the pigments, metallic sheets and oxidations.
In Japanese painting all the materials are prepared by the artist.
Once a basic sketch is completed, individual pigments are mixed with some water and Nikawa on a small dish.
Nihonga gives us a sense of inner peace and brings us outside of our day-to-day urgencies.
We are able to do this because of the time taken to prepare for each painting. It is also a time of necessary reflection for every element entering the composition of the picture.
These initiations into Nihonga take place under the guidance of the instructor through workshops, or regular courses in Paris, and in Issy les Moulineaux (sud Paris )
The workshops take place in a quiet environment, in which each participant receives equal attention and is able to share the knowledge imparted by the instructor.

2016 Dates

Weekend 2 days:
January: 9/10

Fébruary: 6/7

March: 12/13

April: 9/10

May: 21/22

June: 21/22

With Nihonga today, artists compete using elements of craft and creativity to create new effects.
Shinji Matsumura, a japanese painter, Shu-Chen a Taïwanese painter, used those effects for some of their creations..

Discover the effects of silk cotton applied to metal leaf
We use some silk cotton which we stretch on a chassis, to create a natural cotton lace.
This lace is solidified with the kakeshi boeshi (juice of fermented khaki otherwise known as persimmon).
The lace then serves as a stencil through which we shall fix pigments, metallic powders or metallic sheets.
Models are then proposed to realize a small picture
Places are limited to 5 persons
Different effects:

Shu-Chen present this technic in a video
For more information, please contact: 0609390742

Happy New Year!


I wish you a happy sheep year!!

2015 is the Year of the Green Wooden Sheep. (Hitsujidoshi – 未年)

Here are the new dates for nihonga workshops at the gates of Paris


Janvier: 17/18/19/20

Février: 14/15

Mars: 14/15

Avril: 11/12/13/14

Mai: 16/17

juin: 6/7




Introductory Nihonga Class in USA fuses Eastern Methods with Western Abstraction

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4 Day Basic Nihonga Workshop with JUDITH KRUGER

OCTOBER 3-6, 2013
Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center, Litchfield, CT (during the peak of New England’s Fall foliage)

This workshop is a unique, introductory Nihonga (traditional Japanese mineral pigment painting) class. We will make grounds and pigment from organic and inorganic matter like cured shells, precious minerals, exotic soils, pine soot, indigo and silica. Metallic leafing and layering techniques will be covered. Emphasis will be on the creation of contemporary, matter-driven abstract painting, rooted in ancient processes. The attributes of the surrounding environment will be integrated for meditation and inspiration. Western and Eastern aesthetics  will be cross-referenced for creative exploration.

Registration ends September 1, 2013
Email: for pricing and registration details

For more information and visuals visit:

Workshop: Nihonga with Sensei Fujishima Sumihisa in Virginia, USA. May 2-5 2013

Seminar_Layout_LR extract

Fujishima Sumihisa is a nihonga artist currently teaching at the Sakura Art School in Shinjuku, Tokyo. A graduate of Tokyo University of Fine Arts (東京芸術大学) where he holds a Master’s Degree in Japanese Painting, Fujishima has exhibited in numerous group exhibits in Japan over the past twenty years. This is the first time that he is teaching in America.

This workshop is hosted by Mark Malecki Studio of Falls Church, Virginia.

Students will learn how to paint on special paper stretched to receive the ink outlines and application of colours. Mineral pigments will be applied and a complete archival work of art will be made. Students and painters of al levels are welcome. Materials will be provided (fees to be confirmed) to those needing supplies. An interpreter will also be on hand.

For  4 days of instruction, the workshop will cost USD 249.00

Please contact Mark Malecki at (703) 820 7636 or

More info on Fujishima sensei is available through these following websites: