Next teaching in Paris August


Nihonga workshop 5 days. August 3/4/5/6

Level: Beginners accepted

Duration: 5 days. From 10 am till 6 pm (one hour meal break, 30 minute morning break)
Materials: pigments, animal glue (nikawa), silk cotton, frame, Japanese paper, Japanese brushes.
Level: accessible any levels
Global objective: through the knowledge of the traditional materials, and technical exercises, to acquire the bases of the  traditional Japanese painting (nihonga) .
Intermediate objective:
Create 2 pictures (21/29,5) from a proposed motif or one brought by the participant, and several small sizes (12 /14 cm – 4.75 x 5.5 in) for the exercises (8 processes)


Day 1 and day 2:
Presentation of the participants and their expectations with regard to the course.
Presentation of materials, supports, Technical tools:
Preparation of the glue (nikawa)

Preparation of the paper (washi)

Mounting of the paper on a panel

How to prepare pigments

Preparation of the gofun

Sketch and its transfer

Drawing with ink


Various stylistic processes:
Backgrounds and media effects
Bokashi (gradation)
Katabokashi (bleeding one side of a painted line)
Sotoguma (bleeding the outside lines of a painted area)
Tarashikomi (stain in wet ink)
Momigami (creased paper)
Moriage (Relief painting)
Metal leaf (Altered, 2 techniques of oxidation with sulfur)
Technique of mawabata: absorbent silk cotton / juice of kaki (Kakishibu) as stencil


Day 3 and Day 4
Creation of an average size by choosing among techniques proposed during the first two days.
At the end of the day, a projection of clips of documentary movies about the nihonga (artists in the work) will be proposed

Day 5
Experiment and western materials
Use of pigments and animal glue
Powders of French shell (Ostrecal)

Gesso and relief

Collage technique

Nihonga on wood

Duration: 35 hours

Cost: 5 day workshop 500 euros, or 100 euros per day + 30 euros annual membership

N.B.: the program can be adapted according to the schedule (workshop from 1 to 5 days)

For more information, please contact: 0609390742


Workshop views

Valérie Eguchi is French.
Painter trained in the traditional techniques of ornamental paint in 1987, she travelled repeatedly in Japan, where she discovered the practice of the Japanese paint Nihonga .

She was trained in 2007 with Yiching Chen at her “Pigments et Arts du Monde” association.

At the end of 3 years of studies and practice, fascinated by this mode of expression, she passes on her discoveries by means of initiations and by demonstrations.

Lieu: AGORA (maison des associations)

18 rue Aristide Briand à Issy les Moulineaux

A 5mn de la Station Tram T2 “Les Moulineaux”

(A 11mn de la Porte de Versailles à PARIS)

Best accomodation:

Hotel Ibis



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