Workshop: Nihonga with Sensei Fujishima Sumihisa in Virginia, USA. May 2-5 2013

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Fujishima Sumihisa is a nihonga artist currently teaching at the Sakura Art School in Shinjuku, Tokyo. A graduate of Tokyo University of Fine Arts (東京芸術大学) where he holds a Master’s Degree in Japanese Painting, Fujishima has exhibited in numerous group exhibits in Japan over the past twenty years. This is the first time that he is teaching in America.

This workshop is hosted by Mark Malecki Studio of Falls Church, Virginia.

Students will learn how to paint on special paper stretched to receive the ink outlines and application of colours. Mineral pigments will be applied and a complete archival work of art will be made. Students and painters of al levels are welcome. Materials will be provided (fees to be confirmed) to those needing supplies. An interpreter will also be on hand.

For  4 days of instruction, the workshop will cost USD 249.00

Please contact Mark Malecki at (703) 820 7636 or

More info on Fujishima sensei is available through these following websites:


One comment on “Workshop: Nihonga with Sensei Fujishima Sumihisa in Virginia, USA. May 2-5 2013

  1. Paul Nielsen says:

    Wow, would love to go! Unfortunately have a friend visiting from Mexico that weekend. Any chance we could get such a thing out here in the midwest (Chicago, Kansas City, Denver or the like) closer to some of the rest of us (and cheaper lodging in general too)?

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