Exhibition- A Close Look at Kyoto’s Painting Studios

Exhibition at the Kyoto Municipal of Art

August 25 (Saturday) – November 25 (Sunday) 2013

As home schools and private ateliers, private art schools were one characteristic of Kyoto Japanese-style painting (nihonga) that supported the modern Kyoto art world. Various private art schools from Takeuchi Seiho’s ‘Chikujokai,’ Yamamoto Shunkyo’s ‘Sanaekai,’ Nishimura Goun’s ‘Shinchosha,’ Nishiyama Suisho’s ‘Seikosha,’ then later Domoto Insho’s ‘Tokyusha’ and the private art schools of Kikuchi Keigetsu and Nakamura Daizaburo, supported Kyoto art and industry. Here we review the history of the private art schools until the beginnings of WWII.

[ text from Kyoto Municipal of Art ]


See also, article by Matthew Larking, The Japan Times, on “Kyoto Painting Schools Pushed Nihonga to the Limit”


[image is from the Japan Times]


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