New Series of Posts on Studying Nihonga in Japan

We are pleased to announce a new series on Studying Nihonga in Japan from our guest contributor, Lucas Perez.

Lucas Perez is currently based in Tokyo, Japan and has been studying Nihonga for 3 years now.

Originally trained in Fashion Design at New York’s Pratt Institute of Design, he returned to his “primary love ” for painting and embarked on this re-discovery in Japan.

In this series, Lucas talks about his journey from starting at zero to finding his place and gaining familiarity with the unique materials used in Nihonga. The information provides a significant contribution to a dearth of English language resources on the topic which would be useful to all Nihonga students. I envision that it would add to a work-in-progress resource as we welcome further insights from both Japanese and non-Japanese artists.

Please watch this space for the upcoming posts on pigments, brushes, washi and supply shops.

Thank you Lucas for initiating this.


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