Playing in Edo, Moriyama Tomoki, Solo Exhibition // 森山知己個展 江戸にあそぶ 

Playing in Edo, a Solo Exhibition by Moriyama Tomoki

Art Garden, Okayama Prefecture, Japan
19 August – 4 September 2011
11:00 – 18:00 (Tuesday. Closed)

In this solo exhibition, artist Moriyama reveals his latest dragon ink paintings and other works in an exploration of the Rimpa tradition.

How did Rimpa painters in Edo depict their subjects? Could Rimpa master, Ogata Korin, have painted his red and white plum blossoms and flowing streams a different way? Inspired by Research Professor Baba (Kibi International University), “When you actually try to draw something, what was once invisible starts to become apparent”, Moriyama embarked on attempts to discover and meet ‘the invisible’.

The result is a lovely play on subjects revealed on folding screens laid with silver leaf and painted with sea creatures, alongside intricate flowing streams and Moriyama’s magnificent dragon ink paintings.

11時〜6時 定休日は毎週火曜日
電話 086−254−5559
Art Garden Web




江戸にあそぶ 個展の紹介他


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